SFU Library Research Trip

On Thursday, October 30th, the TALONS  class took a trip to SFU for a library resSFU Signearch trip. The day was great, filled with a lot of learning and some awesome experiences. Though the trip was primarily about finding research material for our eminent people, I left with much more than some info on Michael J.Fox.

The day started with a visit to the museum of archaeology and ethnology at SFU, which was very interesting. It included a lot of interesting stone work and art, and even included a Harry Potter section. While we waited for the morning class to finish in the museum, we took some time to find our own place and sit quietly just watching everything around us. I found this very meaningful and I really enjoyed watching the university students go through their daily routines.


After exploring different parts of the campus we headed to the Indian bIMG_6128uffet, where we had a fabulous all you can eat lunch, only after we answered a trivia question. The meal was great including butter chicken, curry, rice, naan bread, and a very sweet dessert.



Once lunch was over, we received a private tour from Jamie’s older sisters. We explored a bunch or the different parts of the campus and learned a lot about the design of SFU (the person who designed it liked concrete). As we walked I thought a lot about my future and just life in general (it was actually really deep).



Lastly we headed to the library, which was huge, seven floors to be exact (that’ a lot of books). Even though I couldn’t find any books on my eminent person, I still enjoyed looking at all the different types of books. Also for the amount of people that were working in there, it was eerily quiet in the library.

Even though I’ve been to SFU a few times for various sporting events and camps, I never really learned the meaning of some of the things up there. ¬†Such as how the designer wanted to use concrete, or that there where a whIMG_6124ole bunch of protests up there back in the day. I also observed the way of life of a university student, there is a very business-like atmosphere about it. It is also very independent and self-directed, which i think is really cool, but doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of fun. It was a great experience, and I left with many new insights and lessons. As for what to do next, well I need to find some research information on my eminent person, as I didn’t find anything at SFU. Also I’m super excited to pursue a post secondary education.


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