Night of Notables Reflection

It’s the night before The Night of the Notables, and I’m putting the finishing touches on the learning center I was planning to have done at the beginning of the week, when it hits me. Within a couple of minutes the headache is so bad that any noise prompts a pounding in my head, and my throat feels like as though I’ve swallowed razor blades.  I’m deliriously gluing on that last things onto my learning center before dragging myself upstairs and passing out in bed fully clothed. All I’m thinking is ‘Really, of all the days to get sick, it has to be today.’

After a terrible sleep  wake up with the same splitting headache and an even worse throat. Today’s the big day, what am I supposed to do when I can barely get out of bed. My mom and I decide it’s best that I rest, so I end up missing the first half of the day. After a long shower, a small meal, and a bunch of Advil I’m ready to tackle the day. When I arrive at school I feel better. My pills have kicked in, and the madness in the TALONS room seems to energize me.


After setup, dinner, speeches, learning centers, cleanup and finishing circle I’m exhausted and glad that I can head home and get some rest.  However, I can’t believe that Eminent is over, well there is still a NoTN reflection, biblography, and self-eval to do. It’s kind of weird though, I don’t really want it to end.

As for my learning center itself I chose to recreate Michael J Fox’s big break, ‘Family Ties’  the sitcom that put Michael on the map. I chose to recreate the living room set, where most o the scenes were filmed. IMG_6305
I then added a timeline of Michael’s life and accomplishments that was spread in order around the set. Also I added an info board that gave some information on Parkinson’s and Michael J Fox.



Here are some more pictures of my learning center:


photo 4photo 2


Lastly I’d like to thank the teachers, my family, classmates, and friends for all the help. Also a big thanks to Norm Kerfoot, my interviewee, who was able to get my in contact with Michael J Fox. Without all these people my eminent experience this year wouldn’t have been the same.

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