Annotated Biblography

It’s weird to think that this is my last blog post for Eminent 2014. It really was quite the experience. So here is my biblography of all the sources I used for my study.

First we have my main source which was “Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist” Michael J Fox’s book. I got a lot of information for my speech in this book, as I wanted to target his optimism.

Here’s a link to his book.

My next source of information, along with a few of the pictures I used in my blog posts, is the Michael J Fox Foundation website. The site was super helpful and informational, and was about as reliable as it gets.

The Michael J Fox Foundation 

Next is the Wikipedia article on Michael where I gathered a lot of the information about his early life and past.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page. 

I also used a Wikipedia page on for information on  Parkinson’s there’s a link to the page below.

Parkinson’s Wikipedia.

I got most of my pictures from Google Images. I’ve listed a few of the links.

Michael J Fox Foundation Logo.

Michael Speaking at a press conference in 2013.

Michael and his wife Tracy Pollan. 

One of Michael’s acting head-shots.

That’s pretty much it. I didn’t actually use that many sources as I really wanted to focus my study on what was written in his book, but the other sources I used were very helpful and credible.

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