In-depth Post 2

Let’s start off by saying that I’ve gotten a lot done in just two short weeks.

So I had my first official meeting with my mentor Garry today, and long story short it was great! I started off by asking him the appendix questions from my integrated essay, which he answered super thoroughly. He gave me all sorts of insight on all of the things I couldn’t find during my research, which really helped. In our previous meeting he explained to me that the best way to begin to learn fly tying is to practice it. So today, after he showed me a basic knot or two and some different patterns, that’s exactly what we did.

I tied my first fly!!!!!!

After about 20 minutes Garry told me that I was ready to tie my own fly. So with the use of his instructions and my newly learned skills I created my first ever fly! Technically it is a jig, used mainly for steel-head and salmon fishing. Jigs are a very good place to start, as they are relatively simple and you can be very creative with them. Garry also got me started, by giving me some of the basic tools for me to take home and practice on my own for the next time we meet.

Also here’s how I incorporated the first three aspects of “How to Have a Beautiful Mind” :

How to agree: So far it has been very easy to agree with Garry. Mostly because he’s a super laid-back guy, but also because he knows a ton about tying. Also because Garry has been completely open to letting me have my freedoms; like being able to tie the type of flies I want to tie.

How to disagree: I haven’t really had anything to disagree about so far. However, if there was anything I disagreed with my mentor about, I wouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or state my opinion. This is probably because I’ve gone to his store for so long that I know him quite well, so there wouldn’t be any tension.

How to differ: It’s seems kind of crazy to say, but there honestly aren’t that many places where Garry and I could differ. I already know that we both like steel-head jigs, and that we share the same interests in color combinations and types of materials. Down the road I think there will be points where Garry and I differ. Fly tying is hugely creative so being different is actually a good thing.

So that’s pretty much all I’ve got so far and I am looking forward to sharing my progress in another couple weeks.

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  1. Great start, Devon. Please note that de Bono stresses the “how” and not the “what” of the art of having a beautiful conversation. For example, how would you show agreement when Gary shares an opinion about fly tying that you agree with? I am looking forward to reading more about the specific steps required to make a useful fly.

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