In-depth Post #4

So today I met with my mentor and accomplished and learned a whole bunch of new stuff. I had been practicing tying jigs with rabbit hair all last week, so this week it was time to move on the working with marabou. The marabou stork is a bird found mainly in central Africa, and is a great fly tying material. It is slightly more difficult to work with compared to rabbit, however you can make some really stunning jigs with it.

Marabou Stork

Marabou Stork

marabou jig

Jig made of marabou

Tying marabou jigs isn’t a whole lot different than tying with rabbit. The principles are the same along with most of the basic skills. However some of the techniques are a bit different. For example, unlike rabbit, you tie marabou from the back instead of the front. Once you get the basics though, it’s pretty easy. Next Garry showed me how to tie a marabou jig, and afterwards he and I talked about some different tying techniques and the different things you can do with marabou, which is where I incorporated some of De Bono’s book. It was important that I was a good listener, because if I was not I wouldn’t have known what to do when it was my turn to tie. So I paid very close attention to the things Garry was showing and telling me, and I asked questions to clarify on anything that I didn’t quite get. At first my questions were mainly shooting questions to help with the tying, but once I got the hang of it I asked a lot of “What if” questions to really push what I was learning further.

Lastly I tied a couple more marabou jigs and Garry and I talked about a few of the things in De Bono’s book including values. Garry told me that it’s good to be different then other people when it comes to tying. It helps with the creativity because a lot of tying is about trying something new and seeing if it works. Overall I thought it was a super productive meeting and I have some new flies to practice tying at home. Unfortunately though, I didn’t take any pictures of the jigs I tied today (which I’m kicking myself for) and I left them at Garry’s shop. So I’ll make sure that I get them into my next post. Anyways, In-depth is still rolling smoothly for me and I’m getting more and more excited about the big night!






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  1. Great progress and clear explanations. You may wish to video tape the making of the next one. Time for some good fishing soon!

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