Finally Free: A Good Source

I really had a hard time picking a specific source to talk about, but I eventually came up with an article about the Abolition of Enslavement in Canada provided by Vanessa G.

Although brief, the article is very informative, and I was actually able to learn a lot from what I read. It explained the many different fronts that this battle for freedom was fought. The article also talked about the realization of many slave owners and other people that African people are no different from the rest of the community.

“Enslaved Africans fought against being taken and held captive in Africa, fought against enslavement while in slave ships and during their confinement before sale and once they were sold. It was through these acts of resistance that some slave owners had to reconsider the slave system, the independence of Africans and why they would not accept this status. Their resistance brought into question the ways in which people thought about Africans—they were bright and capable and not content with slavery.”


It was cool to read about the many “important” people that were involved in the fight against and abolition of slavery. I found it intriguing that many of the supporters were former slave owners, who had come to realization of how cruel slavery was. This was definitely a pivotal time in the fight for abolition as stated in the text;

“Former slave owners and those having strong religious convictions also began to fight against the enslavement of Africans. Known as abolitionists, they attempted to use their positions in society to affect laws that had allowed slavery to develop. The movement toward abolition was evident in Britain, and in Canada, a British colony with its own enslaved population, the movement grew quickly.”


For sure this article relates to the PLO sheet as it falls under some of the sections such as B1 or B4. The article speaks about the importance of the movement to end slavery had during the makings of Canada and how it has shaped us into the country we are today.


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