Simon Fraser- Journal Entry 1

June 1, 1808

Today we set out at 4 am, the mornings have been long and cold. River stretches have become evermore dangerous, but the crew continues to follow with courage.

After encountering strong rapids, we drifted with a long stretch with a strong current behind us. As we drift I have time to think about my past, along with what is to come. I reminisce of my family and times of training. Just 18 short years ago I began my apprenticeship with the North West Company. Now I am exploring an unknown river with my own crew of men. Many of the men in my crew are freed slaves looking for work in the fur trade after the abolishment of slavery one year ago.

Today a crew member I sent back to Fort George with rumours of conflict between us and the Americans.  There are words of war being exchanged throughout the colonies. For now though it is too soon to tell what is to come, and myself and the crew must focus on the task at hand. Tomorrow we will be passing a very dangerous set of rapids. I have employed a few guides from a nearby native tribe.

I will write again soon.

Simon Fraser







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