The Six Hats- In-depth Post 6

So Garry is getting ready for the hunting and fishing trade show this weekend, but he was able to find some time to meet before I leave for Hawaii on Sunday. We met Wednesday for more of a “discussion” meeting, which was good because I got all kinds of good stuff to transcribe.

We talked about a whole bunch of stuff; what have I done so far, some of the things I’ve learned, and where I want to go next. Although we didn’t tie anything, I still thought it was a really good meeting, a kind of review really.

Here’s a snippet of one of the conversations between Garry and I:

Basically what’s happening here is I’m walking around the shop looking at a bunch of stuff (tools, flies, magazines) and just going over what I’ve learned and what’s next.

Me: So I’ve learned to work rabbit and marabou so far. I know that you have to start with a foundation of thread, and the best way to tie materials in is with the 1,2,3,4 forward and back method. I’ve practiced whip finishing. And dubbing is when you spin stuff around the thread to finish right.

Garry: Yeah, that’s exactly right, you take the fur or whatever you have and spin it one way around the thread. There’s also a dubbing twister tool that you can use to make your life easier.                                                                                           Me: (looking at the fly shelf) These are flesh flies right? Made with rabbit and their supposed to look like a big ball of dead meat floating down the river.

Garry: Pretty much, like dead chum, and dolly’s (a type of fish) love those. Do you remember what kind of rabbit is used for these?

Me: There’s zonker and cross-cut rabbit.

Garry: Yup

Me: And in this case you’d be wrapping it around. So it would be, cross-cut.

Garry: Yes! And why cross and not zonkers?

Me: well… zonker material isn’t made for wrapping because of the way it’s cut, so you use cross-cut and palmer it as you go.

Garry: Yes! Exactly, ’cause otherwise you’d end up with this big fur ball mo-hawk, and that’s the last thing you want.

This section is shows an example of the white hat. We talk about what I know and need to practice. The real hard facts.

Me: I have an idea of what I want to do next too.

Garry: Yeah what’s that.

Me: Well I’m into trout so I figured we could do some nymphs maybe.

Garry: Yeah of course, that’s a good place to move on to. Something like a doc spratley would be an easy transition into nymphs… yeah you need to tie one of those; they call it BC’s number one wet fly.

Me: Awesome, so we can get into that next time we meet. And for like techniques and stuff it’s not really that much different or…?

Garry: Yeah a lot of the stuff is the same, different materials of course, stuff like pheasant hair and deer. But overall their close, just a bit smaller though.

Me: Nice nice, sound good I think I’m ready to move on, ’cause I feel confident with jigs and stuff so…

Garry: Yeah for sure, I think you’re ready too.

This section is more of the black and red hats as we discuss if I’m ready to move on, as well as my emotions (what I want). I didn’t really use the green and yellow hat’s I think though, so that’s something I can work on.

Anyways next time I post it should be about something like the flies below.

Wet flies

two different Doc Spratelys & a Tom Thumb


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