Socials 2015 Midterm!

It’s crazy how fast a half of a socials semester has gone by, and it’s been quite a blast. There has been so much fun learning packed into such a short time it’s hard to believe we’re already halfway done. So for my midterm this year I chose to make a Prezi; here’s the link!

Confederation Final Address

Hello my name is Simon Fraser and I am a British fur trader and explorer. I have joined you here, from the beyond, to celebrate a defining moment in history. Today marks the beginning of a new, strong, independant country. A country unchained by the shackles of Britain’s power, and united against invasions from the United States and beyond. As an explorer fur trader, and father I feel as though our country has taken the best possible step towards becoming a superpower in this world.

I have an amazing love for this land and it’s many diversities, but I have always feared that one day it would be taken over by our American neighbours. Now though, uniting as one nation, we are stronger than ever. Through the events this year, and many before, we have created a country with equal rights for all, and are now free to make our own decisions.

From my many years exploring west and trading furs I have established many relations with various Aboriginal tribes and communities. I have also seen first hand the discrimination and persecution, and I hope that they can come to agreement with the rest of the canadian people and have equal rights in the new Canada.Furthermore I lived as a middle class citizen for most of my life, and can see the benefits of an updated state of government that benefits not only a select few, but the rest of the majority.

See I may have died in relative poverty, but I can say that I have no regrets for the my actions throughout my lifetime. I take pride in saying I was the first explorer to travel what is now the Fraser River, and that I was part of one of the most respected fur trading companies in the history of this country. I have successfully raised nine children, three of which have married and had children of their own. As I look back on my contributions to the forming of this country, although they may be relatively small, I am proud to say that I was a part of the making of this great country, and hope that it stays this way for many years to come.

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Simon Fraser Journal Entry 2


September 12, 1860

After word of gold in nearby rivers, the towns are being flooded by wave after wave of gold hungry prospectors. There has also been an explosion in fur trading. Men and women have come from far and wide attempting to strike it rich, and I have been able to provide them with the proper clothing. A sort have craze seems to have come over everyone, many selling everything they own to travel west. The thought of prospecting has crossed my mind many times, but selling pelts has been profitable and demand is not yet on decline.

My wife and children are doing very well. Only two still live at home, my eldest son has just married and is moving east to settle. The days have been lonely here and I fear I may not have much time left.

Simon Fraser