A Stroke of Luck: Library Post

This year’s library trip was a blast, and turned out to be a pretty lucky day for me. Going into the trip I had made some goals for the day; one being to get to know a lot of the nines that I hadn’t had time to get to know, but more importantly to find someone to study. I ended up completing both, so it was a good day.


As for the Vancouver library, I had never been before the day we went. I’d driven past it tons of times but never actually been inside, so I was really looking forward to checking it out.  I was amazed by how big it actually was; as soon as we walked into the main foyer area where the shops and seating were I was like, “Whoa, this is big.” Standing outside the doors waiting for the library to open I was actually a lot more excited than I thought I would be. The doors opened at 9:00 am sharp and I was consumed by a crowd of people each heading in different directions. All of them knowing exactly where they were headed, while I found myself utterly lost with no idea where to start. I decided to take a moment and just watch all the commotion. I took a deep breath and a seat at a table and just took it all in.

IMG_8962After a few minutes of just ‘coolin’ it I decided to take a complete tour of the library so I headed up to the top level and slowly made my way down through the floors, which ate up a bit of time, but it was worth it. Row after row of books of all shapes and sizes, more than anyone could read in a lifetime. I finally made it to a computer and searched for any books about lists of famous people, explorers, visionaries, or sports players. After taking note of a variety of call numbers, I set out on the hunt. After the better part of an hour I had gone through about a dozen books, and was still out of luck so I decided to retire to some overly comfy chairs with a couple other people. We had some good conversation for the remainder of the time where I learned a lot about some people I really knew nothing about.

IMG_8966When it was time to leave and we met at the entrance to the library before heading to lunch I was kind of bummed out about not finding an eminent person. As I sat and ate some wonderful sushi and then pizza with Andrea, Connor, and Emma, I realized that I still had one last chance to find someone at the book store. After lunch we headed down to the book store, which was probably even more interesting than the library even though it was a 100th of size.        IMG_8973At first all I could think was that it was complete chaos. Books literally stacked to the ceiling. It was one of the coolest stores I had ever been in. Like at the library I spent most of the time taking everything in. Walking through the pathways cut out from the mountains of books. This is where I ended up getting lucky, but it just didn’t seem like it at first. I found myself stuck in a very tight spot with people on either side of me so I knew that I was going to have to do a slightly tedious shuffle past one of them. I had nowhere to go, so I just went for it and as I tried to pass by an older woman, who was reading a book in a rather inconvenient spot, disaster struck. I stepped over a small pile of books and lost my balance. To prevent myself from falling right over I grabbed for the nearest thing which happened to be a stack of books. Not a great idea because I ended up bringing a bunch of books down with me causing even more of a scene. Fast forward a couple of seconds and I found myself collecting all the books I knocked over as fast I could before anyone saw what had happened. As I did this, out of the corner of my eye I saw a book that had fallen further than the rest. I reached down to pick it up and read the cover, “Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace.”  I knew Neil Young, rock-star right? Yeah. I had heard a couple of his songs and I was pretty sure my grandma was a fan. I was just about to put it back down on the shelf with the rest of the books I had disturbed, but I little voice in the back of my head said “give it a read,”  and so I did. I’d read the first chapter and I loved it; nine dollars later I was on my way. So just like that I went from not knowing who I was going to study, to complete embarrassment, to having an eminent person all in the span of about 10 minutes.  All in all it was a good trip; I got a lot done, made some good connections, experienced new things, and most of all enjoyed some quality pizza.


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