It’s Over: NotN Reflection 2015

Wow, it’s weird to think that this is my last post about eminent ever. For me it marks TALONS 10 being a third of the way done; the other two thirds being in-depth and the adventure trip. So this is a bitter-sweet moment because I got it all done and it was great, but it went by so fast. It feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of October and I had no idea who my person was, so to think that it’s all done now its pretty sad.IMG_9182IMG_9183

So, let’s see, where to start? Going into the big night I wasn’t super nervous. It was probably because I was busy with a whole bunch of other things like putting the finishing touches on my learning center, or getting my costume together. The night itself was a blast. It was so cool to see all the different learning centers come together and see all the people in costume. There was also a different feeling the on the night of compared to last year. I wasn’t worrying about doing my committee work or setting everything up. Instead, I just had to make sure that my learning center was done and I was ready to deliver my speech. Speaking of the speech, it was pretty much what I was told it would be, “Not that bad.” It really wasn’t that bad, at all.¬†Watching the speeches and seeing all the work that everyone put into their projects was amazing. I liked the fact that I presented mine after the intermission because it gave me a chance to catch my breath before I went on stage. IMG_9180

As for my learning center, I created a recording studio like the one that Neil Young has on his property. My dad and I built a recording booth and table, and the rest of the items were found in my house. I had some Neil Young tunes playing and had a notepad for people to write there own song on. It ended up becoming one collaborative song with each person adding a couple lines as they came by.
So that concludes eminent for this year, and for me. It was a great experience and I had an absolute blast. All the hours of work and lost sleep were totally worth it, and I learned a ton. I can’t believe it’s actually over and I’d totally do it again.


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