Alphabet Aerobics: In-Depth Post #2

Over the past few weeks I have been working on two main goals; finding a mentor and working on my ASL skills on my own. As for finding a mentor I haven’t been very lucky. I tried to get in touch with several potential mentors, and all the options lead to dead ends. I have however recently found a couple more possibilities for mentors that look promising. Rob Luinenberg, a retired hearing impaired educator and friend of my mom, may be available. The phone number my mom had for him was out of service, so I tried him on email and I am awaiting a response. Just in case that doesn’t work, I am trying to find a new phone number for him.

On to my progress so far I have learnt the ASL alphabet, and have begun to finger spell words like my name and favourite colour. There are tons of ASL apps out there, a few of which I downloaded and have been using. You can play memory games and watch videos that help with finger spelling and word memorization.

Here is a video of me finger spelling the ASL alphabet…

It didn’t me long to learn the alphabet itself, but putting the letters together to form words is a bit more complicated as you’re not just going through the motions of the alphabet and you don’t have the song to go along! However, I have been making lots of progress and I’m super excited to keep learning. It’s also helpful to learn these basic skills before I meet with my mentor, because this way when we do meet we can focus on the more challenging things I want to learn.

ASL alphabet



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  1. Great start. Have you spoken to Emma J. or one of our Special Education Assistants? There are still many other options to consider for finding a mentor.

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