Memes on Memes on Memes

Now when Mr. J told us that we were going to be creating memes for socials class I was a bit confused. At first I thought I heard it wrong, but I soon came to realize that we were in fact making the same type of memes that you look at for a good laugh, or get in trouble for looking at in class. Despite never making a meme before and having a bit of a hard time brainstorming ideas, I actually ended up having a really good time making a few. Now they aren’t comedy gold or anything, but they aren’t terrible given the circumstances.

P.S. Big thanks to Kody Cao for helping me out last week (I had no idea what I was doing)

Hamilton Meme 1


So here’s the first one I made in class. At first it was just kind of a test meme, but I ended up liking it so I kept it around. As you may have realized it’s about Alexander Hamilton and how he was shot by Aaron Burr. I think the bad luck Brian meme really fit what I wanted to get across, which was that despite all the super crazy things Hamilton did he ended up getting shot by his friend… pretty bad luck right?

Now the next two I made were in regard to Mr. Trump and they both had a bit of personal relevance too.

Trump meme 1trump meme 2

The classic “bruh” meme on the left was really inspired by how I think a lot of people, myself included, would react if Trump becomes president. I think it really shows the disbelief and the disappointment that so many people would experience if he really became president.

The awkward moment seal meme was sparked by a bit of an awkward moment I experienced a few months ago when discussing Trump with a group of friends. A friend of mine made a comment (jokingly) about supporting Trump and the rest of us in the group kind of felt that awkward moment at first as we didn’t know if they were serious of not. So when I was looking for inspiration for a meme last week that moment totally came back to me so I ran with it and added the best friend part just to spice it up a bit.



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