Memo to Myself- 1793


November 1793.

I’m writing this letter with the hope that it will clear my conscious or at least help me cope with what is happening. It has been two short months since the convention came to the decision that terror was the order of the day and it has already become difficult to justify the killing of innocent citizens. The idea that anyone can be determined an enemy and killed on the spot is ludicrous. However despite how crazy this all is and how much I despise it I cannot take action or speak my mind for that maniac Robespierre would kill me on the spot. I cannot live with a clear conscious knowing that this bloodshed is taking place. For now I’ll continue my duty of running the revolutionary army.

“Terror Is the Order of the Day”


This document, written on September 5th 1793, holds the recorded minutes of the last meeting of the convention before the Reign of Terror officially began. The Parisian citizens were fed up with the state of the revolution and wanted change, so Robespierre and the committee gave it to them. It was during this meeting that the convention, led by Robespierre, decided that anyone in France could be determined a threat or an enemy to the country and be punished to the full extent of the law. Lazare Carnot was put in charge of rearranging the Revolutionary Army, and recruited nearly 300,000 citizens to become soldiers. He also changed the way that the revolutionary army fought which gave a large advantage over enemies.

“Every day we learn of new betrayals and new crimes. Every day we become upset at the discovery and the reappearance of new conspiracies. Every day new disturbances stir up the Republic, ready to drag it into their stormy whirlwinds, hurling it into the bottomless abyss of the centuries to come. But where is that powerful being whose terrible cry will reawaken sleeping justiceÑor rather justice that has been paralyzed, dazed by the clamor of factionsÑand force it at last to strike off criminal heads? Where is that powerful being who will crush all these reptiles who corrupt everything they touch and whose venomous stings stir up our citizens, transforming political gatherings into gladiatorial arenas where each passion, each interest, finds apologists and armies?” -Chaumette

Read “Terror Is the Order of the Day” Here.


Memes on Memes on Memes


Now when Mr. J told us that we were going to be creating memes for socials class I was a bit confused. At first I thought I heard it wrong, but I soon came to realize that we were in fact making the same type of memes that you look at for a good laugh, or get in trouble for looking at in class. Despite never making a meme before and having a bit of a hard time brainstorming ideas, I actually ended up having a really good time making a few. Now they aren’t comedy gold or anything, but they aren’t terrible given the circumstances.

P.S. Big thanks to Kody Cao for helping me out last week (I had no idea what I was doing)

Hamilton Meme 1


So here’s the first one I made in class. At first it was just kind of a test meme, but I ended up liking it so I kept it around. As you may have realized it’s about Alexander Hamilton and how he was shot by Aaron Burr. I think the bad luck Brian meme really fit what I wanted to get across, which was that despite all the super crazy things Hamilton did he ended up getting shot by his friend… pretty bad luck right?

Now the next two I made were in regard to Mr. Trump and they both had a bit of personal relevance too.

Trump meme 1trump meme 2

The classic “bruh” meme on the left was really inspired by how I think a lot of people, myself included, would react if Trump becomes president. I think it really shows the disbelief and the disappointment that so many people would experience if he really became president.

The awkward moment seal meme was sparked by a bit of an awkward moment I experienced a few months ago when discussing Trump with a group of friends. A friend of mine made a comment (jokingly) about supporting Trump and the rest of us in the group kind of felt that awkward moment at first as we didn’t know if they were serious of not. So when I was looking for inspiration for a meme last week that moment totally came back to me so I ran with it and added the best friend part just to spice it up a bit.



The Donald


I never paid any attention to American politics before this year, and if it wasn’t for the insane and surreal events that have taken place so far in the Republican party I still wouldn’t. Not only has Trump caught my attention with the outrageous things he has said and done while running, but he really sparked my interest in how the Presidential election works.

There’s so much controversy surrounding Trump it’s hard to figure out where to start. Let’s go back to earlier this year when Trump announced his run for presidency. “We need somebody that literally will take this country and make it great again. We can do that,” Trump proclaimed, “So ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for president of the United States.” “Make America Great Again” a simple sentence that could mean so many things, has become the slogan for Trump’s campaign and that sounds good and all. Who doesn’t want America to be great again? But how exactly does he plan on doing this?







So let’s go over Trump’s campaign promises. The Washington Post created a list of 76 promises Trump has made along his journey in the presidential race so far. At the top of this list there is the promise to build a wall along the U.S. Mexico border, and the promise that Mexico will pay for the wall entirely. Even if the wall was a good idea, which it isn’t, the idea that Mexico would fund its construction is absurd. There are other promises that Trump has made that really don’t make much sense either. Things like getting rid of Obamacare and replace it with something “terrific” or “bombing the sh– out of ISIS”

Throughout that last few months the hilarious idea of Trump becoming President went from being just that, a hilarious idea, to being a scary possibility. Trump is like a wart in the presidential race. He started off as a small speck that stood out slightly, but wasn’t a cause for any concern. Then he began to grow and attract the conversation of people becoming something that you might want to get checked by a doctor. He’s now a swollen, painful problem that is a breeding ground for political cancer and if not dealt with now could kill you. People in America don’t seem to realize that, even though its fun to watch Trumps performances, this is real life politics and it is serious. Being the President isn’t a job for anyone. 

Now when I read about Trump, I’m consistently left asking the same question; how could anyone support Trump? If you look close enough, you can actually see why. There are a few different reasons actually that come up when you look into Trumps supporters. One of the main reasons is that Trump has found anger and fears in American people, many of which are reasonable, like the fear of terrorists. And he has made those the main points of his campaign saying that he has all the answers, and the people who have these fears and are angry connect with what Trump is saying. 

 I was watching the “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” on Trump the other night and I think that Oliver brought up a super valid point that addresses the question of “how can anyone support trump?”  I think, like John Oliver said, that the name Trump is so synonymous with wealth and power that people just automatically trust him. Especially in the US, there are so many things that are considered to be quality, or high-end, or even just popular that the Trump name is associated with. Things like hotels, golf courses, reality TV shows and even WWE WrestleMania. A part of the John Oliver segment showed an interview of Trump supporters, one of which said “I was a little girl and I didn’t even know what Trump Towers were, but I knew that he was a wealthy successful man.” To which another man replied “Even as a young kid the word Trump meant rich… it meant success.”  Even for myself, up until this year if you asked me about who Trump was I would probably say something along the lines of “Super rich and mean guy from TV, who owns a whole bunch of stuff.” Not the Republican candidate for President and certainly not the answer to America’s problems. But now that he has come forward “claiming,” and I put an emphasis on claiming, that he can solve America’s issues, people who know the Trump name are flocking to the polls to vote. But are any of them stopping to think how exactly he is going to make America great again?